Baker's Dozen

Baker's Dozen 3

25 Solitaire Card Games

Baker's Dozen is a card game package that can be a source of entertainment for everyone. This 25 solitaire games package can be played for hours and hours.

Baker's Dozen includes the games Aces Square, Auld Lang Syne, Pairs, Double Auld Lang Syne, Black Hole, Block Ten, Easy Golf, Five Piles, Carpet, Fourteen Out, Monte Carlo, Nestor, Vertical, Twenty-one, Fourteen Out, Quadrille, Robert, Suits and more.

The software is capable of tracking your game play including number of games played, number of games won, high scores and average score. Also, the product is capable of replaying the same hand for all games played.

Baker's Dozen comes with a help file and game play instructions for all games in the software bundle. This product is a shareware that is lightweight and easy to install and uninstall, with minimal CPU and memory usage.

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